Analog Modules has announced the release of its continuous wave (CW) and pulsed laser diode driver, model 784


Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based fibre optics specialist, has unveiled a new multi-channel polarisation controller

PulseLink USB controller

APE's PulseCheck autocorrelator is now available, via Photonic Solutions in the UK and Ireland, with the PulseLink USB controller, which offers complete control of the PulseCheck head via a PC

LDP-CW 20-50 OEM

Laser Components now distributes the LDP-CW 20-50 OEM from PicoLas, an affordable, compact and efficient power supply for laser diodes of output power up to 1kW

PLD-CH diode driver at 12.5A

Wavelength Electronics has introduced a 12.5A model of its PLD-CH series compact linear laser diode driver, suitable for applications such as medical, dental, micro-machining, material processing, semiconductor inspection, and imaging

Seed laser diode driver

Distributor BFi Optilas has added the OEM seed laser diode driver (Model 762), produced by Analog Modules, to its product portfolio

Laser diode control kits

Newport has introduced a line of laser diode control kits which include a laser diode driver, a temperature controller, a laser diode mount, cables, and accessories


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