iC-HL Digital potentiometer

iCHaus has launched a 1,024-step logarithmic precision potentiometer, the iC-HL, which can be used to set the optical output power of laser diodes in conjunction with APC laser drivers.

T860 1GHz Discriminator/Driver

Highland Technology has released the T860, a multipurpose combination of a precision analogue comparator and a versatile output driver, capable of operating from DC up to 1GHz.


iC-Haus has released its iC-GF monolithic interface, with two independent switching channels that enables digital sensors to drive peripheral elements, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) and relays, for example.

OptoCooler High Voltage Series

Nextreme Thermal Solutions has launched its OptoCooler HV series, an RoHS-compliant high voltage and high heat pumping thermoelectric cooler that has been optimised for standard circuitry and power requirements.

Signal Transporter

Scitec Instruments has introduced the LTX-5525, from Terahertz Technologies, which is an E/O-O/E converter pair that enables transmission of 16 independent channels of digital information over fibre optic links from metres to more than 10km

Power Core 808

Intense has launched the Power Core 808, a new family of very high brightness, single emitter laser engine chips that can be customised to a wide variety of optics applications.








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