Fibre optics

XSR Extreme

XSR Xtreme optical fibre assemblies for spectroscopy from Ocean Optics provide enhanced UV transmission (up to 180nm), and are resistant to UV degradation. They are ideal for deep-UV applications.

Slip rings

Schleifring has developed a range of slip rings for use in computed tomography systems. The development of this optical slip ring enables the transmission range to be extended as far as 10GBit/s and upwards.

Custom Fibre Assemblies

Custom fibre assemblies, from Laser Components, have extended the range of standard assemblies for telecommunications, with core sizes from 50µm diameter, and special cables for sensor and medical technologies.


Laser Components has released the PDL-1315M/TM transmitter module, constructed using a 1300nm Edge Emitting LED (ELED), coupling its optical output into single mode optical fibre.


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