Fibre optics

Fibre coupler

Laser Components has released easy-to-mount fibre couplers for laser systems, facilitating the coupling of light from free-beam lasers into a quartz fibre

Specialty optical fibres

Polymicro Technologies, a subsidiary of Molex Incorporated, has extended its specialty optical fibre offering with the introduction of FBPI optical fibre and hollow silica wavelength fibre products


Omron has expanded its N-Smart portfolio of smart laser sensors and amplifiers with the launch of the E3NX-FA range of fibre amplifiers

Fibre Optic Multiplexers

Avantes, a manufacturer of fibre optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, has released the next generation of fibre optic multiplexers


Discovery Semiconductors is pleased to introduce a 2.2µm balanced receiver with adjustable gain and bandwidth up to 18 GHz


NKT Photonics, the manufacturer of photonic crystal fibres, has announced the AeroGain-Rod fibres - a new generation of ytterbium gain fibres designed specifically for the ultra-fast fibre laser market

Fused fibre coupler

Gooch & Housego, manufacturer of optical components and systems, has introduced a fused coupler for the Optical Coherence Tomography market

automated ball lensing station

3SAE Technologies has developed an automated ball lensing station to create fibre optic ball lenses – rounded-edge fibre cleaves for use in precision laser technologies








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