Fibre optics

automated ball lensing station

3SAE Technologies has developed an automated ball lensing station to create fibre optic ball lenses – rounded-edge fibre cleaves for use in precision laser technologies

AR coating

Laser Components has introduced enhanced AR coatings designed for use on optical fibres, which reduce coatings reflections by nearly 3 per cent at the glass/air interface

SMA cables

Fiberguide's new line of high power mode stripping SMA cables include assemblies that operate above 150W with a 200µm core without the need for active water cooling

High-power cables

Laser Components now offers high-power cables with connectors and copper ferrules. The use of copper as a ferrule material guarantees optimal heat removal


Laser Components has introduced its Fibercheck device for testing the condition of optical fibres by simply coupling a good visible laser light into the fibre to be checked

Planar Lightwave Circuits

FiberTech RoMack, a Leoni Fiber Optics business unit, has introduced its Planar Lightwave Circuits (PLC), which include single mode 1 x N and 2 x N broadband splitters with up to 64 channels

Optical fibre switches

Laser Components has introduced a range of optical fibre switches designed for various laser measurement and microscopy applications


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