Fibre optics

Mode converter fibre coupler

JK Lasers (part of the GSI group) has released its new mode converter fibre coupler (MCFC), developed to provide flexibility to users of the company's fibre laser products


Vytran, a supplier of optical fibre processing solutions, has introduced the LFS-4000, a precision optical fibre splicer for standard, large-diameter and specialty fibres

Single fibre assemblies

Fiberguide Industries has introduced a new standard line of single fibre assemblies, which allow the use of fibre optics in potentially damaging environments

Meight connector

Mobius Photonics has developed the Meight connector, a detachable optical fibre connector designed for precision power applications, such as pump light delivery and fibre coupling in commercial and industrial lasers

LDC-400 optical fibre cleaver

Vytran has introduced the LDC-400, an automated optical fibre cleaver that can be used to produce flat and angled cleaves on fibres ranging from 80µm to 1.25mm in diameter

All-fibre phase shifter

Phoenix Photonics has introduced its low drive-voltage variable phase shifter. The simple to operate all-fibre device for wideband operation offers >50ð phase shift as standard, and >150ð by request


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