Fibre optics


Vytran, a supplier of optical fibre processing solutions, has introduced the LFS-4000, a precision optical fibre splicer for standard, large-diameter and specialty fibres

Single fibre assemblies

Fiberguide Industries has introduced a new standard line of single fibre assemblies, which allow the use of fibre optics in potentially damaging environments

Meight connector

Mobius Photonics has developed the Meight connector, a detachable optical fibre connector designed for precision power applications, such as pump light delivery and fibre coupling in commercial and industrial lasers

LDC-400 optical fibre cleaver

Vytran has introduced the LDC-400, an automated optical fibre cleaver that can be used to produce flat and angled cleaves on fibres ranging from 80µm to 1.25mm in diameter

All-fibre phase shifter

Phoenix Photonics has introduced its low drive-voltage variable phase shifter. The simple to operate all-fibre device for wideband operation offers >50ð phase shift as standard, and >150ð by request

H100 mid-IR fibre

Elliot Scientific has released a small-core, high-power multimode, mid-infrared fibre for use in medical, industrial and R&D applications from IRphotonics of Hamden, Connecticut

Polished fibre substrates

Phoenix Photonics has introduced a new product range based on its all fibre technology. Phoenix is now offering the polished fibre substrate as a standalone product.

Multimode delivery fibres

Fiberguide Industries has introduced its multimode, step-index optical fibres for high power laser beam delivery. The fibres feature an air-gap design, wherein the fibre extends into free space


NKT Photonics has introduced a new version of its Crystal Fibre series of double-clad rod type fibres. The DC-285/100-PM-Yb-ROD is based on the company's patented airclad technology.


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