Fibre optics

Radian System

Krell Technologies has introduced the Radian System for processing bare optical fibres. Fibres can be polished at user selectable angles for R&D applications and production.

VLF-280 fibre optic visual fault locator

Scitec Instruments has released a Visual Fault Locator for visually identifying breaks or microbends in optical fibres. The instrument can also be used for fibre identification in an optical fibre bundle.

SEDI 4Power Connector

SEDI Fibres Optiques has released a connector for very high power laser delivery systems used in industrial or medical applications and compatible to the Mitsubishi design.

Comet laser cleaver

AMS Technologies has released its Comet laser cleaver, which is manufactured by Sagitta and complements its product range of fibre optic instruments.


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