Fibre optics

Comet laser cleaver

AMS Technologies has released its Comet laser cleaver, which is manufactured by Sagitta and complements its product range of fibre optic instruments.

Fibre Optic Hermetic Feedthroughs

Sedi Fibres Optiques offers comprehensive solutions for fibre optic hermetic feedthroughs. Standard feedthroughs include connectors, such as FC for singlemode or graded index fibres, and SMA for large core fibres from 140µm to 1000µm.


Huber+Suhner has added the SC-RJ product family to its portfolio of fibre optic assemblies. The fibre optic connectors are designed for harsh environmental and industrial applications

Transmit optical subassembly

Bookham has launched an MSA compatible 2.5Gb/s transmit optical subassembly (TOSA). The next-generation TOSA is designed for time division multiplexing and wavelength-division multiplexing.

Fibre provides

David Robson examines how the fibre optics market has evolved to encompass much more than just the telecommunications industry


Fujikura Europe has launched a new fusion splicer to support the increasing use of fibre optics in industrial applications. The new LDF series of products is capable of splicing all types of fibre currently available.

2CF fibres

iXFiber, the French manufacturer of specialty fibres and fibre optic components, has introduced a family of Yb double clad '2CF' fibres, free of photo darkening effects, designed for laser devices operating at 1µm.


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