Laser systems

StarPack Web Direction System

Rofin's high speed StarPack Web Direction System comprises of a 600W CO2 laser, with up to four individual WMC heads, designed for creating holes in fast-moving material, such as product packaging

Mlab cusing range

ES Technology is now supplying the latest addition to Concept Laser's Mlab cusing range. Mlab cusing is a compact laser-melting machine for the production of small and intricate components

JK System 5000

JK Lasers has introduced the JK System 5000, a flexible workstation that can be integrated with lasers from both the JK Fiber and Nd:YAG ranges

Compact laser system

Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has introduced a new diode laser system based on a diode laser module with an optical output power of 30W CW and increased beam quality


Following the introduction of its new DLS range of 3D digital laser scanners, Oxfordshire-based Meta Vision Systems has put together a VistaWeld package designed specifically to automate welding jobs in the nuclear industry

Efficient diode laser system

LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik, located in Dortmund, Germany, has introduced a 1.3kW diode laser system with wall-plug efficiency of 30 per cent, (including cooling)

Spectrum 365 LED UVA

Lesco (a division of American Ultraviolet) has introduced its Spectrum 365 LED UVA, a high-intensity spot curing UV source for spot curing applications

PowerLine Prime 15 laser marker

Rofin's marking division has launched its PowerLine Prime 15 laser marker, which comes pre-configured and ready to use on a wide range of materials and applications


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