Laser systems


Limo has introduced Diocut, an energy-efficient 2kW diode laser system which, in eight-hour constant operation, consumes approximately 20 per cent less energy than a comparable fibre laser

Compact laser system

Through its partner SemiNex, Laser Components has introduced a 25W CW compact laser system based on the former's high power laser diodes

HyIntensity Fibre Laser Systems

Hypertherm has released two new HyIntensity fibre laser systems - the 2.0kW HFL020 and the 1.0kW HFL010, which join a 1.5kW version as fully-integrated fibre laser systems for cutting applications, including marking and fine-feature cutting

Model 6250H Galvanometer

The 6250H is the latest addition to Cambridge Technology's product line of moving magnet galvanometers, and is optimised to provide maximum performance for 30-50mm apertures

Metabeam 1000

Coherent has introduced the Metabeam 1000, a turnkey, laser-based machining tool that enables cost effective cutting of sheet metal including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and brass

Modular Processing System

Rofin's new Modular Processing System (MPS) is a medium-sized, multi-purpose workstation for a very wide range of automated laser material processing applications

SAP marking interface

Trumpf has introduced a method of directly connecting a marking laser to the Systems Applications and Products (SAP) environment via a standard interface with its TruMark Station 1000 (D)

Marking station

ES Technology has introduced a 1m3 marking workstation for its range of class 1 laser machines. It features four handles and a mass less than 45kg, making it portable

HighLight D-Series

Coherent has announced a new range of diode laser systems, the HighLight D-Series, featuring a range of output beam shapes


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