Laser systems

PowerLine L series

Rofin has introduced PowerLine L series q-switched 1064nm 200W 10KHz lasers for high-speed micro material processing, with a special focus on photovoltaic manufacturing

Scansonic ALO3

Precitec has launched the Scansonic ALO3, a brazing/welding head with a fully integrated coaxial quality monitoring system. It provides a complete solution for wire-guided joining processes

TruDisk lasers

Trumpf has introduced its latest generation of TruDisk lasers, a range of fibre-delivered products for demanding industrial applications

StarCut Tube Femto

Rofin has introduced its new StarCut Tube Femto system, which offers cold laser cutting for medical device manufacturing

IX 6100 ChromaDice

JPSA has introduced its ChromaDice solid state laser scribing system, which delivers high speed wafer scribing alongside an automated wafer handling system

Blaze nanosecond lasers

Lumera Laser has introduced its Blaze series of high-performance nanosecond lasers. The company's patented SpotLock pumping technology allows the lasers offer excellent beam characteristic even at high average power and repetition rates

L<sup>3</sup> line lasers

Limo has introduced its L3 family of high-power line lasers. The lasers are intended for applications within process development and optimisation, and they are well-suited to applications involving thin films

Wombat scan head

Arges has introduced a highly-integrated, powerful scan head called Wombat, a compact, all-in-one laser processing system combining precise 2D and 3D optical scanning solutions, using the Spectra-Physics Explorer OEM laser

Compact diode laser system

The Dilas Compact diode laser system is now available in the UK from ES Technology. This new system offers two power options, 300W from a 200µm fibre or alternatively 400W from a 300µm fibre at 980nm


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