Laser systems

Reel-to-reel system

Rofin has launched its turnkey reel-to-reel system targeted at the production of flexible photovoltaic products

Micromachining Workstation

Newport has introduced a new micromachining workstation specifically designed for high precision laser direct-writing (LDW) and patterning

TruMark 3010

The TruMark 3010, from Trumpf, is a laser marking system aimed at those who need to mark small batches or individual workpieces

JK604D laser

GSI Group has introduced a new product to its popular range of JK Industrial Lasers, specifically designed to address percussion drilling and trepanning within the aerospace and automotive industry sectors

Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800

Jenoptik has introduced the Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800, a laser material processing system for drilling of wafer-based solar cells in the photovoltaic industry

Multiscan HE

Rofin-Sinar has launched the Multiscan HE, a version of its laser coding and marking system configured for operation in harsh environments

StarPerfo Advanced

Rofin has introduced its StarPerfo Advanced film perforation system, making use of the company's web movement compensation system to achieve complete compensation during laser processing of packaging materials


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