Laser systems

StarPerfo Advanced

Rofin has introduced its StarPerfo Advanced film perforation system, making use of the company's web movement compensation system to achieve complete compensation during laser processing of packaging materials

TruLaser Robot 5020

Trumpf has introduced its new TruLaser Robot 5020, capable of laser welding, laser cutting and component coating by laser deposition welding

CombiLine Cube

The CombiLine Cube from Rofin is a laser marking system providing the benefit of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent marking onto many different types of material.

StarWeld Select

Rofin's StarWeld Select laser system with its CNC control system ensures highly repeatable processing and accuracy in medical device production.

StarCut Tube

Rofin's StarCut Tube uses fibre laser technology specifically designed for tube cutting and processing applications. The system can be used to create a diverse range of cutting geometries.

LaserMarker TX020

Taufenbach, a company based in Kiel, Germany producing CO2 lasers, has introduced the air-cooled CO2 LaserMarker TX020 as an alternative to conventional ink-based product coding systems.

TruLaser 7040

Trumpf has introduced the TruLaser 7040, a machine that enables two cutting heads powered by a 6kW laser with beam splitting to process two parts simultaneously

Model 1101-46 quantum cascade laser

Pranalytica has released the 2W version of its fully packaged, continuous wave, room temperature Model 1101-46 quantum cascade laser (QCL) system emitting at a wavelength of 4.6µm, marking an advance in the development of Infrared Countermeasure


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