Laser systems


Rofin has released a remote welding system, known as the RWSflex.

VIN Mark 30 Laser System

ES Technology has released its VIN Mark 30 Laser System to meet the specific needs of the automotive industry, for the production of tamper-evident, self-adhesive labels.

Spectrum-stabilised, fibre-coupled laser systems

Edmund Optics has introduced three new spectrum-stabilised fibre-coupled laser systems, all designed as rugged sources for Raman spectroscopy. The lasers offer high powers of 450mW at three wavelengths of 785nm, 808nm and 976nm.


ES Technology, a UK supplier of Universal Laser Systems products, which use CO2 lasers for non-contact engraving, cutting and marking, now offers three new models in ULS's VersaLaser product family.


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