Laser systems

Labsphere USS-800 series

Labsphere has launched its USS-800 series of uniform source systems, available in continuous (USS-800C) or stepped (USS-800S) output models.

SR Laser Shutters

Stanford Research has launched its SR475 laser shutter and the SR470 and SR474 laser shutter controllers.

Cube Laser Station

Rofin has launched Cube, which is a housing concept to integrate optical components into complete and individual, configurable systems, ranging from standard solutions to specialised research applications.

StarWeld Integral system

Rofin has released the StarWeld Integral system, which can be used in three modes: as a manual welding laser having excellent ergonomic design; as a joystick-controlled deposit welding laser; and as a high-precision CNC laser welding system.

StarCut Universal

Rofin-Baasel UK has released the StarCut Universal system, which integrates everything required for fine cutting applications into a standard machine.

High-power, water-cooled diode laser arrays

Dilas has released a series of high-power, water-cooled diode laser arrays used in scalable stack designs that deliver up to 80W CW per bar at standard wavelength of 808nm, 940nm and 980nm for industrial applications.


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