Laser systems

Photline DR-PL-10-MO driver

Modulator drivers can be used to boost the signal voltage to the levels suitable for the modulator. Laser Components offers the Photline range of RF drivers


Resolution Spectra Systems has introduced the LW-10: a compact, high-resolution laser wavelength meter for continuous wave and pulsed lasers

IR conversion screens

Laser Components has announced the addition of two new converter cards for infrared radiation to its comprehensive range of conversion screen

ILM12F series

Laser Components has announced a focusable industrial laser module with enhanced features from the company's standard laser diode modules

FemtoFiber ultra NIR

Available from Toptica, the FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a turnkey laser system that provides femtosecond laser pulses of more than 500mW average power

TeraPulse 4000

TeraView has announced the launch of its new Terahertz system, the TeraPulse 4000, building on the success of the TPS Spectra 3000

DLC SHG pro systems

TOPTICA's latest DLC SHG pro systems offer the lowest noise levels, narrowest linewidths and a simpler way to manage laser operation

Laser zoom processing head

A new beam tool developed by LIMO as part of a research project brings to mind the famous marketing slogan 'There's always a clever head behind it'


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