Laser systems

High-power diode laser arrays

Dilas has released high-power diode laser arrays, one which operates at 1940nm with wall plug efficiencies of >10 per cent and another which operates at 1550nm.

30W 808nm laser modules

The AC3-808B and AC3-808BW series of high-brightness 30W 808 nm fibre laser pump sources arebased on high-reliability single-emitter (SE) laser diodes.

Adaptive Optics Toolkit

Thorlabs and Boston Micromachines Corporation (BMC) have released the Adaptive Optics (AO) Toolkit, a new kit that makes adaptive optics easy, affordable, and widely available for researchers.

Jenoptik laser ranges

Jenoptik has launched a selection of laser products, including JenLas D2.fs, JenLasG100, JenLas disk IR 50, qcw diode lasers, scanning lens for laser materials processing, CaF2 microoptics, two-sided micro lens arrays and Jencolor.

Pulsed 355nm laser system

The new pulsed 355nm Laser System applies Impex's core technology of passive saturable Cr:YAG absorbers bonded to Nd:YAG gain material in order to form a solid-state monolithic laser cavity.

Turnkey diode laser system

Dilas has launched its Compact Series of air- or water-cooled, fibre-coupled, high-power diode laser systems with power levels ranging from 40W to 400W using 400µm NA0.2 fibres and from 25W to 100W using 200µm NA0.22 fibres.

Sanyo lasers

The new Sanyo laser diode catalogue for 2008 is available as a free download from Photonic Products' website. The new products on offer include industrial diodes and DPSS green laser modules.


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