Laser systems

Chameleon OPO

The new Chameleon OPO from Coherent enables gap-free tuning across the entire 680-1580nm range making it a suitable ultrafast source for deep tissue imaging in the critical long wavelength.

Diamond E-400

The new Diamond E-400 from Coherent is a sealed, pulsed CO2 laser that offers an average power of 400W or a peak power greater than 1kW in a fully integrated, compact package.

AVIA 355-7

The new AVIA 355-7 from Coherent is a q-switched, frequency-tripled, solid-state laser delivering over 7W of average power at 355nm, in a package designed to maximise reliability for a minimum cost of ownership.

Isobeam Fusion Collimator

Pacer International is distributing the new Isobeam Fusion Collimator from LightPath to protect marking fibre lasers working at high peak power by suppressing back reflection and backscattering.

Compass 561

The new Compass 561 laser from Coherent delivers either 25mW or 40mW beams from a laser head measuring just 100 x 40 x 32.5mm.


Rofin/Baasel Lasertech has released the StarPulse family of pulsed YAG rod lasers with average output powers ranging from 40 to 500W, and peak powers of up to 20kW.


The EX350, manufactured by GAM Laser and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a small platform excimer laser with very high pulse energy.


The new StarFiber lasers from Rofin Laser Micro provide 100W and 200W beams with beam parameters suitable for fine welding and cutting.


The Integral from Femtolasers is an ultrafast Ti:S oscillator. The improved low loss cavity provides power levels of greater than 400mW with pulse lengths shorter than 10fs in duration.


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