Laser systems

Avia 355-23

The new Avia 355-23 from Coherent delivers more than 23W of q-switched output at 355nm. It delivers 15 per cent more power than previous models and supports higher pulse repetition rates.


Laser 2000 is providing the Slim product line manufactured by Oxxius. This is a single longitudinal mode family of continuous-wave DPSS lasers with very small footprints.

Ultrafast lasers

Fianium has developed its own product range based on its high-power modelocked fibre laser systems, covering the spectrum from the 266nm to beyond 2µm.


KMLabs has introduced the Wyvern laser. KMLabs has introduced the Wyvern laser. The laser produces light with the following properties: 20µJ at 100kHz, sub-50fs, with a 50kHz-200kHz repetition rate range.

Pulsed fibre lasers

Multiwave Photonics' line of pulsed fibre lasers are based on a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture that incorporates the pulsed seed laser.

HD series

EdgeWave has introduced the new HD series of high-power Innoslab-lasers for industrial and scientific applications. The average powers of model HD40I-E and HD60I-E lasers are 400W and 600W respectively.

AccuScribe 2112 and 2150

New Wave Research has released the AccuScribe 2112 and AccuScribe 2150 high-speed wafer-scribing systems. Each system delivers 12 to 14 wafers per hour - a 20 per cent increase on previous models.

Solid-state lasers

Pulsed solid-state lasers with wavelengths from 355 to 1064nm are now available from AMS Technologies in Germany, Italy and Spain.


Elliot Scientific is providing Femtolasers Produktion's new range of ultra-compact Ti:Sapphire oscillators combining integrated design with customer accessibility, ensuring maximum stability and ease of operation.

Avia 355-14

Coherent has expanded its popular Avia product family of UV lasers with a new, intermediate power level model in a package optimised for cost-effective micromachining at high throughput rates.


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