Laser systems


Menlo Systems, a German-based laser manufacturer, has recently released its most compact femtosecond fibre laser, the T-Light, with excelent beam quality and a long life span.

Etna HP

Thales Laser has added the new Etna HP to its Etna family of lasers. This Nd:YAG laser, available in IR and green versions, delivers 55W to 150W at 532 nm and 80W to 200W at 1064 nm.

85 BCF seres/85 YCF series

Melles Griot has announced two new families of fibre-delivered, solid-state lasers to ease system assembly and provide more system architecture options - the 85 BCF series operating at 488nm (blue) and the 85 YCF series operating at 561nm (yellow).

Ultrafast lasers

Laser Support Services offers the full range of Del Mar Photonics ultrafast lasers, including the Trestles Ti:Sapphire series, the Mavericks Cr-Forsterite laser and the Buccaneer Er-doped fibre laser.

SmartCut Plus

The new Olympus SmartCut Plus is a compact standalone optical-based dissection instrument utilising a high-precision solid-state UV laser and is based on picosecond pulses, making it ideal for pathology and forensic medicine.

IX-4000 ChromAblate

The new IX-4000 ChromAblate from J P Sercel Associates is an excimer laser workstation designed for medical device micromachining applications.

M Squared Lasers

Elliot Scientific has released a new THz source from M Squared Lasers. The Firefly-THz laser is based on intra-cavity optical parametric oscillator technology developed by the University of St. Andrews, UK.


GSI Group has announced a new continuous wave (CW) laser with super-modulation and a new pulsed drilling laser with high peak power.


The new Micra-10 from Coherent is a one-box ultra-fast laser oscillator able to deliver more than 750mW of broadband output power.

DPSS green laser

Photonic Products has introduced a new 532nm DPSS green laser module with integral thermoelectric control that enables the laser module to be operated at a stable temperature level with constant optical performance.


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