Laser systems

Verdi-V8 and Verdi-V10

Coherent has released two new low-cost CW 532nm solid-state pump lasers – the Verdi-V8 (8W) and Verdi-V10 (10W). They are easier to use, and feature a significantly lighter power supply.


Elliot Scientific is providing M Squared Lasers new SolsTiS, an ultra-compact, widely tuneable, hands-free, single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser system. It includes a host of features to lower cost and maximise performance, reliability and productivity.

Agilite 560

Photonic Solutions is providing Continuum's new Agilite 560 powerful Nd:YAG laser. It uses an innovative laser design which allows programmable pulse widths.

picoTrain Green

High Q Laser has introduced the modelocked picosecond laser picoTrain Green IC-532-12000. It delivers synchronised and simultaneous output beams at 532nm and 1064nm.

AVIA 266-3

The new AVIA 266-3 from Coherent is a second-generation deep-ultraviolet laser, combining high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability, and industrial-grade reliability needed for 24/7 industrial applications.

DPM modules

Laser Components is selling DPM modules (diode-pumped microchip), a combination of laser rod and frequency-doubling crystal, using 0.5mm thick Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4 crystals function joined to 2mm thick KTP doubling crystals.

Diamond C

The new Diamond C Series consists of sealed lasers with output powers of 30, 40, 55 and 70W at 10.6µm, with good amplitude stability.

Chameleon Ultra II

The new Chameleon Ultra II laser from Coherent has increased tuning range and output power at 3.3W over the 690nm to 1080nm spectral range.

Firefly-THz Source/ SolsTIS

Elliot Scientific is providing M Squared Lasers' new THz source: the Firefly-THz Laser, based on an efficient intra-cavity optical parametric oscillator (OPO)

Lambda SX

Coherent has introduced a higher-power version of its Lambda SX class of high pulse energy lasers at 308nm.


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