Laser systems


IPG Photonics has introduced the IX-200-F, an advanced fibre laser micromachining system. The system can be configured to address high-precision, cutting, drilling and patterning micromachining applications


Coherent has introduced the HighLight which offers higher power for increased throughput for applications in metal cladding and heat treating

TruMark 6350

Trumpf has introduced the TruMark 6350 laser marking system. Because it operates in the UV wavelength, it can be used in applications not covered by markers using infrared or green light

X line 1000R

Concept Laser and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) have developed the X line 1000R for additive manufacturing of metals. It features a large build envelope and a 1kW laser with optics developed by the ILT

ML6400 and ML6600 lasers

Modulight has announced two additions to their OEM laser system platform. The new releases are the ML6400 single-mode laser systems and ML6600 multi-wavelength laser systems

Z-MLLS and ZFSM upgrade

Z-Laser, a manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, has presented its Movable Line Laser System, Z-MLLS, designed for tyre building machines

TruMicro 2000

Trumpf has introduced the TruMicro Series 2000, to extend its TruMicro Series of short and ultra-short solid state lasers

StarCut Tube generation

Rofin has revised its current StarCut Tube generation by fitting a new precision cutting head and a larger working chamber that allows for part removal at any time

L3 Limo Line Laser system

Limo has launched the L3 Limo Line Laser system to expand its portfolio to over ten line generators. By default there is now an offer of L3 systems with ranges from 40W to 13kW and more


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