Laser systems

Prisma 1064-32-V

The Prisma 1064-32-V from Coherent is an industrial laser that delivers an optimum mix of high peak power, short pulsewidth, high average power and exquisite beam quality.


The new Compass Yellow from Coherent is a compact, all-solid-state laser delivering 20mW of continuous-wave output at 561nm in a diffraction-limited (TEM00) beam, suitable for applications such as confocal miscroscopy.

Fibre laser

MPB Communications has harnessed up to 1W of CW power in the 580nm yellow wavelength region from a fibre laser. It generates a narrow-line, diffraction limited, linearly polarised visible output.


The GeoLasPro is a self-contained laser ablation system for sample introduction in high-resolution LA-ICP MS (laser ablation inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry). It is designed for geological and nuclear physics research.


Elliot Scientific has recently introduced Thales Laser’s Femtocube. With an incredibly small footprint the new laser Femtocube ultrafast laser has an average power greater than 2.5W at up to 10kHZ.

FQ series

Elforlight has released the new FQ series lasers for micromachining and materials processing. They provide more than 7W average power, 1-100kHz operation, and pulse width choice of 5ns or 10ns.

PDl 808 Sepia II; Picoharp 300; PicoTa

PicoQuant has introduced its latest product developments: the diode laser PDL 808 Sepia II; the PicoHarp 300, a high-end TCSPC Module; and the PicoTA, an amplified pulsed diode laser system.

Industrial Diode Laser System (IDL)

JDSU has introduced a laser architecture that offers high precision solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The Industrial Diode Laser System (IDL) provides up to 100W of power.


Available through Laser Physics, Modu-Laser has added the 300mW multiline laser to its range of air-cooled argon lasers. Using its single package design, the Stellar-Pro-L gives polarised TEM00 output.

Chameleon Ultra Laser

The new Chameleon Ultra laser from Coherent extends the capabilities of multiphoton excitation (MPE) microscopy by delivering a combination of wavelength tuning range, fast scanning and high peak power.


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