Laser systems

FOBA V.0020-uv

Foba Laser Marking and Engraving has introduced a UV laser marking machine, Foba V.0020-uv, for high-contrast laser marking of various plastics and highly sensitive products and materials


Cielle has expanded its range of laser products with the Tau laser marking machine. It is available in two versions, featuring either a fixed or mobile work table


Imec has released its fully integrated silicon photonics platform for high-performance optical transceivers

Laser marking system

Illuminar Technologies has launched a compact DSP-controlled desktop laser marking system ideal for adding barcodes, logos and labels to a variety of surfaces

StarCut Tube

Rofin has added an automatic tube loader, suitable for dry and wet cutting, to its StarCut Tube laser cutting system

PERC cell processor

3D-Micromac, from Chemnitz in Germany, has developed a new laser system for opening PERC photovoltaic cells for further processing during manufacture.

Jenoptik-Votan BIM

Jenoptik will be promoting its innovative solution for 3D-metal working, Jenoptik-Votan BIM, at the Schweissen und Schneiden trade fair in Essen in September


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