Laser systems

FOBA M1000

With the FOBA M1000, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has introduced a laser workstation for the marking of individual parts and small batches

Modular Processing System

Rofin's Modular Processing System (MPS) 3D is suited to automated material processing tasks where four or five interpolated axes of movement are required

StarFemto FX

The StarFemto FX, just one of a comprehensive range of ultra-short pulse lasers offered by Rofin, is matched to industrial material processing applications within electronics, semiconductor, micro technology and medical device manufacturing

LZM-100 LazerMaster

Fujikura Europe, a manufacturer of fibre optic cables and equipment, has showcased what it describes as the first commercially available glass and processing system, the LZM-100 LazerMaster, at Laser World of Photonics in Munich

Mlab Cusing R

The latest version Concept Laser's system, Mlab cusing R, now offers the capability to produce components in titanium.


Dilas, the diode laser company, has announced a direct, multi-bar diode laser system. The Dilas SD3000 is capable of delivering up to three-kilowatt output at 980nm wavelength to the work piece, the company says


Lasermet has introduced the ICS-6 ELISe, which is the company's Expandable Laser Interlock System to performance level E, featuring full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection, which conforms to the latest standards EN ISO 13849-1 to p

Laser diode collimators

The Optoelectronics company has introduced a range of laser diode collimators with high alignment accuracy specifically aimed at OEMs and system integrators using laser based technology in their products

213nm laser

Berlin-based CryLaS Crystal Laser Systems introduced the passively Q-switched 213nm laser at Photonics West 2013


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