Laser systems

The Photonic Professional GT

German company Nanoscribe has introduced its 3D printer, called The Photonic Professional GT, for micro-objects measured in microns here at Photonics West


Universal Clad optical fibre from Fiberguide is designed for integration into fibre-based lasers and OEM systems performing high power transmission

Mlab Cusing R

Concept Laser has expanded its range to include a flexible model in a small format - bearing the suffix R, for titanium applications

FemtoFErb 780

Toptica's FemtoFErb 780 laser system delivers 50mW average power at 780nm centre wavelength, with a pulse duration of less than 100fs at a repetition rate of 100MHz


Eurolaser's new generation 3XL-3200 laser system is for especially large textiles


Cambridge Technology says its FlexScan-3D systems are application-flexible, integrated 3-axis solutions for scanning applications


Eurolaser has developed a laser system for especially large textiles. With the new generation 3XL-3200, textile sheets up to 3,210mm wider can be processed


Dilas has announced that its next generation fibre-coupled system, SF1000/400 is capable of delivering up to 1-kW output from a 400-micron fibre at 976nm, at a single wavelength


Industrial laser manufacturer JK Lasers has launched a new 3kW fibre laser, the JK3000L


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