Laser systems

Dilas SF1000/400

Dilas has announced its next generation fibre-coupled system, developed for volume production in industrial applications

CombiLine Basic

Rofin's new CombiLine Basic offers a technical solution for laser marking, a stand-alone workstation with a working chamber, fully integrated marker and smart operation technology


Fibre optic specialist AFL has developed and manufactured the LZM‑100 Lazermaster, in conjunction with Fujikura Japan

Votan Solas Multi

Jenoptik's Votan Solas Multi is a laser machine for mass production systems that have structuring processes

LinScan scanner

The newly developed LinScan scanner technology from Fraunhofer IPMS opens up new possibilities for laser scanners and laser projectors

Votan W

This month Jenoptik is promoting its laser machine Votan W that can be used for a variety of processes including welding chute channels in instrument panels


Rofin's new EasyMark is a compact laser marking system with a modular design so it can be operated as laser class 1 and IV system by removing side panels and can easily be integrated into production lines

P1040 Laser

The Arnold Group has demonstrated its new line of compact production centres for joining, forming and cutting with lasers

Digital scan heads

Raylase has expanded its portfolio with digital scan heads for high-end applications. The heads enable highly accurate marking, different process optimised tunings, improved dynamics and numerous diagnostic options


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