Laser systems

Digital scan heads

Raylase has expanded its portfolio with digital scan heads for high-end applications. The heads enable highly accurate marking, different process optimised tunings, improved dynamics and numerous diagnostic options

Foba M-Series

Foba has announced the Foba M-Series, a new suite of advanced laser marking workstations


Rofin's EasyJewel product, for jewellery marking and deep engraving, now features an enhanced mode to achieve large engravings with immaculate surfaces and seamless circumferential designs

Scanner Welding System

Rofin's Scanner Welding System (SWS) is a fast beam deflection system used for robot-guided multi-spot welding and developed for use in conjunction with Rofin's fibre laser series, which is available with output powers of up to 4,000W

Tube 7000

Trumpf has announced its TruLaser Tube 7000, a machine that can process tubes with a rectangular, round or oval cross-section


The LPKF LQ-Smart is a two-piece laser welding system with a small workbench footprint


Bielomatik has announced that its K3642 laser integration module has been optimised for class 7 clean rooms


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