Lasers and diodes

Direct emission green laser diodes

Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced InGaN-based direct emission green laser diodes, wavelengths from 510-530nm, for pico projection and other RGB or green-laser applications


With more than 20 years’ experience in developing OEM laser modules, ProPhotonix has developed unique expertise in laser diode technology. ProPhotonix leverages its expertise in laser diodes, as a distributor as well as an integrator, and is well positioned to design and manufacture the optimum laser module for each application.


APE Angewandte Physik & Elektronik has launched an automated and tuneable infrared laser 'Carmina' on behalf of the American company Anasys Instruments

TrioFokus zoom collimator for multi-kW lasers

Size variation of a laser working spot is an important function of processing heads in laser applications like cutting, welding, cladding, brazing. This is easily realised using the zoom collimator trioFokus from AdlOptica


Optola offers a wide range of products orientated to photonics industry. Company a diverse shaping of crystals, optics and compact quality DPSS lasers from 266 nm to 1550 nm. Optolacollaborates with world leading universities and science centers to ensure latest technology integrationtoits production. Optola offers customized and end-user friendly systems for various industries such as military, medicine, scientific research and aerospace.

Origami XP-S

NKT Photonics has extended the performance of its Origami XP series of industrial-grade femtosecond lasers with the Origami XP-S


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