Lasers and diodes


Laser Components is proud to present PRONTO-250-PLUS, the latest model in Gentec-EO's PRONTO line of pocket-sized laser probes

Cobolt Twist

Cobolt released a higher power model of its Cobolt Twist 457nm laser on the 05-01 Series platform

LAPD 3050

OSI Laser Diode introduced the LAPD 3050, an InGaAs avalanche photodiode (APD) module designed for light level detection and/or signal transmission applications


PicoQuant released a 560nm fibre amplified laser head, the LDH-P-FA-560, which delivers average optical powers of more than 3mW at a repetition rate of 40MHhz, with pulse widths down to 40ps


The PiXea is a stand-alone picosecond laser from Aurea Technology dedicated to the most demanding industrial and scientific applications in the 375nm to 2µm spectral range

X-Cite Turbo

The new X-Cite Turbo from Excelitas is a powerful, six-wavelength LaserLED Hybrid source for fluorescence excitation applications

Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

Photonics-based solutions from UV to IR.
Worldwide, the first address for productive lighting solutions from ultraviolet to infrared. We offer well-engineered, reliable and customer-optimized light systems.


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