Lasers and diodes

LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules

Laser Components' popular range of LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules, most notable for their high bore sighting accuracy with a deviation of less than 1mm over distances of 20m, are now available with a green laser


Toptica has released a new class of multi-Watt laser sources for use in the laboratory but also opening up opportunities for future OEM integration

LDM-XT Series

Lasos has released its latest generation of laser diode modules. Based on extensive voice-of-customer activity, this modular concept allows flexibility in optical and electronic configuration for both OEM and Laboratory applications

Multimode laser diode

Eagleyard's new 808nm broad area semiconductor laser diode delivers 20 Watt peak power under pulsed operation from a single emitter


Quantel Laser has released the Viron diode-pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. The Viron was specifically designed for high efficiency in a robust, compact package favored by instrumentation manufacturers

MatchBox2 series

Integrated Optics introduced a major upgrade on its MatchBox series of ultra-compact CW laser sources for spectroscopy, sorting and illumination

DLK UV platform

Lasos has released a new series of diode-pumped solid-state lasers operating in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum at 320nm

PLT5 510

ProPhotonix has introduced an extension to its range of green laser diodes with the launch of the PLT5 510 from Osram








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