Lasers and diodes

CVN 63-90ECL

OSI Laser Diode has introduced the CVN 63-90ECL, a 905nm pulsed laser diode with an integrated micro lens

MCS Series

Lasos announces the commercial release of its MCS Series multi-color, laser-based light engines


Spectra-Physics has introduced Spirit-NOPA-IR, a high peak power, tunable long infrared wavelength ultrafast source for 3-photon imaging


ProPhotonix has announced an extension to its range of green laser diodes, with the release of the new 520nm, PL520B from Osram

SMD Laser

Excelitas has released the Surface Mount 905nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser (SMD Laser), offering the capability of automated pick-and-place high-volume assembly

LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules

Laser Components' popular range of LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules, most notable for their high bore sighting accuracy with a deviation of less than 1mm over distances of 20m, are now available with a green laser


Toptica has released a new class of multi-Watt laser sources for use in the laboratory but also opening up opportunities for future OEM integration

LDM-XT Series

Lasos has released its latest generation of laser diode modules. Based on extensive voice-of-customer activity, this modular concept allows flexibility in optical and electronic configuration for both OEM and Laboratory applications


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