Lasers and diodes

Duetto 320-xxx

UniKLasers is expanding its CW single-frequency diode-pumped solid-state laser series towards the UV by introducing a new model at 320nm. The Duetto 320-xxx

Obis Core LS

Coherent has introduced the Obis Core LS laser. The Obis Core LS offers the reliability and performance of Coherent's Optically-Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) technology in a new, scaled-down package

RLK Series red laser

Lasos has released its RLK Series red laser. The platform offers both single and multi-longitudinal mode products with power levels as high as 500mW

Collimated 520nm green laser diodes

The Optoelectronics Company has introduced a range of laser diode collimators incorporating Osram's 520nm direct green laser diodes. They are designed for use by OEMs and system integrators

Model 766

Analog Modules has released its Short Pulse Seed Laser Diode Driver, Model 766. The product offers user-adjustable pulse width capability as low as 150ps and as high as 1ns


Laser Quantum has released the next generation of the finesse laser, which will benefit from increased robustness

CTFL fibre laser

Laser Components has introduced a thulium fibre laser from Keopsys. The wavelength can be chosen between 1900 and 2050nm


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