Lasers and diodes

PbSe lasers

Laser Components is offering PbSe lasers for high-resolution absorption spectroscopy. They have good tunability, and are ideal spectral sources for industrial or medical gas sensors.

Ceramic heat sinks

Microcertec is offering ceramic heat sinks for use in laser and opto-electronic systems. They are electrically insulating, chemically resistant and dimensionally stable at high temperatures.

High-power laser diodes

Pro-Lite Technology his offering a new series of laser diodes using a non-absorbing mirror (NAM) technology that yields CW output powers up to 10W from 100µm single emitters.

Fibre-coupled laser

Jenoptik Laserdiode has launched a new passively-cooled, fibre-coupled diode laser with a significantly higher brightness and a substantially reduced volume than the preview fibre-coupled diode lasers.

Laser diode modules

UK optoelectronics device manufacturer and laser diode specialist, Photonic Products, has developed a range of compact and affordable laser modules generating an accurate line or cross at 635nm or 650nm.


Photonic Products has launched a 660nm laser diode module with a very high, very stable output power of 70mW and adjustable AR coated glass optics.

SLD 43

Photonic Products has introduced Sony's new, high power, 808nm wavelength array laser diodes, the SLD 43 series; designed for high-power solid-state laser excitation or material processing applications.


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