LEDs and illumination

L10881 RC-LED

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced a new RC-LED, the L10881, to its range of high quality LEDs

LED product range

ProPhotonix has announced an expanded range of LED product lines to include new products using enhanced optical configurations and new IR and UV wavelengths

EQ-99CAL light source

Energetiq Technology has introduced a new light source to its established line of laser-driven light sources for use in radiometric calibration

OD-110L infrared emitters

ITW Photonics Group member Opto Diode has announced the first in a new series of super high-power gallium aluminium arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared (IR) emitters


Opto Diode has introduced the OD-850W gallium aluminium arsenide (GaAlAs) LED, which features a wide-emission angle for coverage over a large area and extremely high optical output


Opto Diode has introduced the second in a family of three new infrared LEDs, the OD-850F. The high-power gallium arsenide (GaAIAs) features a narrow-angle emission and a wide range of linear power output

Helio-Strob compact 75

Helio-Strob compact 75, distributed by Alrad Instruments, is a mobile strobing light source for industrial use. Extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness enable the slowed-down observation mode of fast processes

Fiber Laser Pulser

Armstrong Optical has expanded its range of optical timing reference sources with the introduction of the FLP - Fibre Laser Pulser. The system is based on a VCSEL laser emitting at 665nm and providing output through a multimode SC/PC fibre connection

VisionTune LED screen correction service

Pro-Lite has launched VisionTune, an LED screen correction service, in cooperation with Radiant Imaging. The system uses a ProMetric imaging photometer to adjust the colour and brightness of each LED in a display

Range of LEDs and photodiodes

Frankfurt Laser Company has released a line up of LEDs and accompanying photodiodes to its range. Both LEDs and PDs operate in the mid infrared range from 1,586nm to 4,456nm


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