LEDs and illumination

Extra Bright II

Avago Technologies has released a new series of Extra Bright II oval red, green and blue light emitting diodes for full colour electronic signs and signals.

Smart Force LED drivers

Endicott Research Group has released two new Smart Force LED driver boards as standard products for a wide range of industrial LCDs.

FluoLED and PrecisExcite

Olympus is offering two new series of LED sources for fluorescence microscopy - the FluoLED series, and the PrecisExcite light source.


Avago Technologies has launched a 1W warm white light emitting diode (LED). The ASMT-MY00 LED is a compact, robust and reliable package that provides high brightness illumination.


Avago Technologies has introduced a new line of high-brightness red, amber, and orange LEDs for use in interior and exterior automotive and electronic signs and signals applications.

iDrive 1000

Integrated System Technologies has released the new 210W three-channel iDrive 1000 LED driver. It incorporates patented Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) drive technology and the ColourCool thermal management system.

Lednium LEDs

Pacer International has released a new generation of 10W Lednium high power LEDs together with a new surface mount package option for its popular 1W series.


Marl has announced a new LED panel indicator lamp, sealed to IP68 for tough, wet and dirty environments including marine and industrial applications.

ECN100H series

Infrared camera users normally have to choose between large area and high temperature sources for calibration of their sensors. Now, HGH Infrared Systems offers a single solution combining both requirements: the ECN100H series blackbodies.


Sill Optics developed a precision aspheric LED collimator S6IRI154x, which is compatible with the standard version S6IRI153x.








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