LEDs and illumination


Scitec Instruments has introduced a new 4W wire wound IR source suitable for use in laboratory or field instrumentation due to its long life and stable properties.

Platinum Dragon LED

The Platinum Dragon LED produces white light at 75lm from an operating current of 700mA (30lm/W), making it the brightest single-chip high-power LED in the Dragon series from Osram.

LED dimmer

Sill Optics has introduced a variable LED dimmer for use with condensors, lenses with coaxial surface illumination and other LEDs with current limiting and current consumption between 50mA and 450mA.


Pacer Components has introduced the OVTL09LGA LEDNIUM series of high-luminance, 10W LED sources from Optek. The series is used in the automotive interior and exterior lighting, and architectural lighting markets.


Edmund Optics has introduced its new illumination delivery technology, EOS, to create new opportunities for the use of LEDs in automotive headlamps, scientific instrument lighting and surgical headlamps.

Infrared LEDs

Pacer Components has launched a high-power, miniature, surface mount infrared LED and phototransistor range, providing numerous application opportunities including industrial controls, portable and automotive electronics and non-contact position sensing.

UV Cobra Linescan Illuminator

StockerYale has introduced the UV Cobra Linescan Illuminator, which emits at 375nm and 395nm, and is based on StockerYale’s unique, patented chip-on-board reflective array (COBRA) technology.

OVF Series

Pacer Components has introduced a range of high-brightness, square, visible LEDs manufactured by Optek Technology. The high-power OVF series is ideally suited to a wide variety of roles that include signage, automotive, traffic control, decorative and lan


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