Lenses and optics

Trichroid Thin Film Polarisers

Laser Components has developed trichroid thinfilm polarisers (TFPs), which make it possible to simultaneously separate the polarisation of three wavelengths

Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd

Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd is well known as a fast growing, forward thinking precision optics manufacturing company based at the heart of the UK optical manufacturing community in St.Asaph, North Wales, UK.

With a heritage that goes back to 1991 for raw material supply and mouldings to present date with a state of the art manufacturing facility Manufacturing a wide range of optical components from the Ultra Violet (UV) to the Far Infra Red (IR).

TrioFokus zoom collimator for multi-kW lasers

Size variation of a laser working spot is an important function of processing heads in laser applications like cutting, welding, cladding, brazing. This is easily realised using the zoom collimator trioFokus from AdlOptica


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