Lenses and optics

Narrow bandpass filters

Schneider-Kreuznach will be presenting its new compact c-mount lenses and its latest HT industry filters at the upcoming Laser World of Photonics show in Munich, Germany

TechSpec High Power Nd:YAG Laser Mirrors

Edmund Optics has introduced its TechSpec High Power Nd:YAG Laser Mirrors. These high reflectance mirrors feature all-dielectric Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coatings, which deliver high laser damage thresholds for demanding applications in high power beam de

Cylinder lenses and mirrors

The Berliner Glas Group has extended its manufacturing expertise. The company now offers cylinder lenses and mirrors in lengths up to 2,000 mm with the highest surface qualities


Holo/Or's M-Shaper, creates a unique 2D M-shaped intensity profile, with sharp edges in a specific work plane

Laser beam expanders

Optical Surfaces' laser beam expanders incorporate off-axis mirrors which provide an unobstructed output and highly efficient transmission.
The reflective design is achromatic and with aluminium coatings can operate from UV to far IR without adjustment


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