Lenses and optics

Polarising beamsplitters

Precision Glass & Optics has introduced a new polarising beamsplitter cube that splits up the S & P polarization of light with an extinction ratio of Tp/Ts 200:1 and higher

Reflective Beam Expanders

New smaller diameter (25 - 60mm) Reflective Beam Expanders have been introduced by Optical Surfaces (OSL) for space restricted applications such as for high power lasers and multi-wavelength interferometry

Techspec Fused Silica Wafers

Edmund Optics has introduced new Techspec Fused Silica Wafers. These versatile wafers are thin, circular pieces of UV fused silica designed to be used as test substrates to measure the quality of optical coatings


Pangolin ScannerMax is a new scanner system family created by Pangolin Systems, for rapidly deflecting a single laser beam to create patterns or effects. ScannerMax scanners are designed for industrial as well as show purposes

Techspec Calcium Fluoride Plano-Convex lenses

Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced Techspec Calcium Fluoride Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses that are excellent for use in applications that require superior performance from the ultraviolet (UV) through the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) spectra

LWIR lenses

Hyperion Development has added a range of high resolution, compact LWIR (8-12um) lenses to its product portfolio


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