Lenses and optics

Techspec Precision Sapphire Windows

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec Precision Sapphire Windows, for use in a variety of demanding applications, including imaging and spectroscopy, as they offer broadband transmission from 0.15-5.5 micrometers

Surface coating technology

Picodeon has developed its ultra-short pulsed laser deposition surface coating technology to create either porous or dense aluminium oxide coatings on heat-sensitive substrates for industrial metallisation applications

Techspec UV-NIR Neutral Density filters

Edmund Optics has introduced Techspec UV-NIR Neutral Density (ND) filters, which are used to attenuate light from the ultraviolet (UV) to the near-infrared (NIR) for a wide variety of applications

Linear variable bandpass filters

Edmund Optics has introduced new linear variable bandpass filters, which provide the high transmission and deep rejection necessary to isolate narrow spectral regions for use in a variety of applications

Coating materials

Schott is now offering a range of coated materials for laser applications, including coated active glass devices and passive components made from materials such as Schott N-BK7 and FK5 optical glasses

Astigmatism liquid lens

Varioptic has introduced its new Visayan series of products dedicated to the ophthalmology market. Visayan lenses have additional features to those included in Varioptic's Arctic and Caspian series

Gold thin-film coatings

L-3 Applied Optics Center, part of L-3 Communications Warrior Systems, has developed a line of enhanced, protected gold optical coatings for deposition on large-format, high-value substrates


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