Lenses and optics

Optical thin film coatings

Precision Glass and Optics has launched a line of precision optical thin film coatings for industrial applications, including cost-effective thin film filters with anti-reflective, heat resistant, dielectric, and infrared and visual transmission qualities

Plastic optics manufacturing capacity

CDA, a German manufacturer of microstructures in plastic for optical and microfluidic applications, has extended its integration capability for fabricating double-sided structures in plastic

Linear variable filters

Delta has introduced a combination of linear variable filters, offering a Linear Variable Long Wave Pass filter (LVLWP), the corresponding Linear Variable Short Wave Pass filter (LVSWP) together with a Linear Variable Dichroic

Multi-focal diffractive optical element

Holo/Or has launched a multi-focal (MF) diffractive optical element (DOE), which allows a single collimated incident beam to focus simultaneously at several focal lengths along the propagation axis

First Contact optics cleaner

Altechna has introduced its First Contact optics cleaner. The product is a one-part easy-to-use strip film, which cleans and protects precision optics, telescopes, mirrors and surfaces in use, during storage, assembly and shipping

Fast-axis collimator

Limo has extended the wavelength range for its fast-axis collimator (FAC) lenses, with the introduction of two product lines for the red (600 to 700nm) and infrared (1,000 to 1,600nm) wavelength ranges

Iris AO deformable mirrors

Available from Laser 2000, Iris AO has released deformable mirrors ranging from 100 to 500 actuators with an inscribed aperture from 3.5mm to 7.7mm


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