Lenses and optics

Crystran Ltd

Crystran is a manufacturer of quality UV and IR optical components and an established company with over 20 years’ experience in making optics from high quality crystalline materials. We produce windows, lenses, prisms and specialist optics as both standard products and to the designs of our customers. Our optics are used in a wide variety of UV, visible, and IR optical systems by a vast array of customers all over the world.

Multi-focus optics for multi-kW lasers

Splitting laser energy and focusing in multiple foci is a main function of foXXus and twoXX beam shaping optics of patent pending design developed for laser material processing applications like welding and metal sheet cutting using multi-kW lasers

Beam delivery components

Laser Components alongside Haas Laser Technologies Inc. offer a wide range of beam delivery components, including process heads for delivery of the focussed laser beam to the workpiece. We are now pleased to offer laser process heads for use with fibre lasers


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