Lenses and optics

Rutile coupling prisms

Del Mar Photonics has introduced a range of rutile (TiO2) coupling prisms, available in a wide range of dimensions for use as polarising cubes

Axicon lenses

Del Mar Photonics has introduced a line of axicon lenses in angles from from 130° to 179.5°, made of BK7 glass, fused silica or other materials

Infrared Reduction Filter

Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI), a manufacturer of durable, thin film optical coatings, has released a line of thin film filters for imaging applications.

Harmonic separating beamsplitters

Saint-Gobain Crystals has introduced a series of high-performance harmonic separators, optimised for use with high-power solid-state lasers. Both short-wave pass and long-wave pass designs are available


πShaper has introduced the πShaper_37_34_1064 collimator, optimised for high power fibre coupled solid state or diode lasers up to 6kW, and lasers operating at near-IR wavelengths

Specialist UV Zoom Lens

Resolve Optics has released a specialist camera with a novel UV zoom lens enabling remote viewing of a nuclear fuel assembly through 10m of water.


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