Lenses and optics

LASF35 glass

Schott Advanced Optics has released an improved version of its LASF35 glass (nd = 2.02204; vd = 29.06). In doing so, Schott is optimising its line of glasses that feature high refractive indexes in extreme regions of the Abbe diagram.

Illuminated Telecentric Lens Family

In-line Illumination Telecentric Lenses offer long working distances and a port for a fibre illuminator, providing tools for difficult machine vision challenges that require accurate measurements of objects at varying distances

50mm Large Format MWIR Lens

StingRay Optics has released a 50mm Midwave Infrared (MWIR) Large Format Lens Assembly. The new lens was developed with an optional microscanning and step-stare sensor capability for enhanced imaging requirements.


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