Lenses and optics

Techspec BeamX laser beam expanders

Edmund Optics has launched its Techspec BeamX laser beam expanders, featuring a high performance optical design in a compact package, suited for integration into new or existing optical systems.

Dual FOV IR Camera Lenses

Wavelength Technology has developed a range of infrared dual focus IR camera lenses. This wide band IR lens (8µm to12µm) has been developed to cater for cameras with zoom functionality.

Anti-reflection coatings range

Laser Components has launched a range of anti-reflection (AR) coatings to help bring down the losses associated with back reflections within optical systems.

Photline PS-LN

The new Photline PS-LN Polarisation Rotators from Laser Components are integrated optics waveguide devices that switch the polarisation state of an input light between two linear orthogonal output states at frequencies up to 10GHz.

Diffractive optical elements

Holoeye now offers a new series of standard diffractive optical elements (DOEs) with various patterns like dot arrays, dot-circles, circles and cross patterns.

Aspheric lenses

Optical Surfaces is producing high-performance aspheric lenses. Using proprietary manufacturing techniques diffraction-limited optics up to 600mm in diameter are produced for the most demanding applications.

FISH filter

Laser 2000 has released the new Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) filter sets from Semrock. The FISH sets offer superb brightness, minimise crosstalk and are available in the full spectrum of colours.


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