Lenses and optics


Glen Spectra has released the new range of QuantaMax filters for fluorescence microscopy. These filter sets enable very weak fluorescence signals to be easily imaged and visualised.

Complex monolithic optics

Agilent Technologies is developing complex monolithic optics (CMOs) for OEM customers. CMOs are stand-alone optical assemblies that are created from multiple discrete optics bonded together into single, pre-aligned optical structures.


Deposition Sciences (DSI) has developed the new IsoDyn LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapour deposition) process for applying durable coatings onto complex shapes and multifaceted substrates.


With greater than 99 per cent reflectance, Labsphere's Spectralon laser pump reflectors provide a high level of diffusion efficiency for peak laser output power.


Edmund Optics has introduced a range near infrared (NIR) linear polarisers with an extended broadband range. They are high contrast, and are ideal for a variety of applications.


Boston Micromachines has manufactured an enhanced version of its Mini-DM. This new mirror is for human vision and microscopy researchers undertaking experiments that require wavefront correction.

Non-browning lenses

Resolve Optics has developed a comprehensive range of non-browning (radiation-resistant) lenses for use in radioactive environments. They are of a high quality and can withstand radiation up to 108 rads.

Band pass filter

Lake Shore Cryotronics has introduced a new line of band pass and narrow band pass filters available with centre wavelengths from 15 to 200µm.


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