Lenses and optics


Fisba Optik has released the Fisba Beam Twister. The unit provides an almost symmetrical beam profile. The FBT unit can be implemented for fibre coupling of diode laser bars.


Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), is now offering antireflection (AR) coated ball lenses for fibre optics, telecom and datacom applications.

TechSpec light pipe homogenising rods

Edmund Optics has released the TechSpec family of light pipe homogenising rods for OEM illumination needs. The rods use total internal reflection to turn a non-uniform light source into uniform illumination.


Imagine Optic is providing SLSys, based on the company's HASO technology, to test and characterise the small-diameter optics on the assembly line before they are integrated into subsystems.

IR coatings

Deposition Sciences is now offering coatings that operate in the 3 to 5um and the 8 to 12um infrared (IR) spectral regions.


Edmund Optics has released two new fast, fixed focal length lenses. The new Techspec lenses offer object-space resolution better than two line pairs per millimetre.

Rebel C1 optics

Dialight Lumidrives has launched a new range of optics specifically designed for the Luxeon Rebel power LED. The new Rebel C1 optics are compact, operate at higher temperatures than alternatives and are extremely cost effective.

Top hat beam shaper

Laser Components has launched Holo-Or's new range of top hat beam-shapers designed for a 2940m laser with a 4.0mm Gaussian beam.

Edge-blackened optics

Edmund Optics is providing edge-blackened optics, designed to increase contrast and reduce noise in imaging and electro-optical systems.


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