Lenses and optics

Tech Spec line of achromatic lenses

Edmund Optics has improved its Tech Spec line of achromatic lenses. They are now offered with the VIS 0° multilayer, broadband anti-reflection coating to minimise reflections in the visible spectrum.

Aspherical lenses

Aspheric lenses offer optical designers control of light-ray refraction over the whole lens surface, making it possible to produce optical systems with higher performance in compact packages.

Optical lenses

B&M is now offering customers sample cases of optical lenses. Three different types are available, including ground and polished optics and moulded lenses of various shapes.

ReflX 15X Objectives

Edmund Optics has introduced its new ReflX 15X Objectives, which exhibits near-diffraction limited performance. It is used in applications requiring superior image quality over a broad spectral range.

Beam Expanders

Edmund’s family of beam expanders offers high performance optical designs packaged in a precise opto-mechanical platform, with smooth movement for the optics and a precise focusing mechanism.

3rd Milennium Filters

Laser Components has introduced 3rd Millennium filters, which combine patent-pending, hermetically-sealed assemblies with Omega Optical Alpha technology.. They offer superior spectral performance and longer filter life.

Large format lense

Edmund Optics introduces new EO designed and manufactured large format lenses specifically for line scan and area scan cameras. They are compatible with 12k pixel cameras.


Edmund Optics’ has released a new series of lenses that exhibit near-diffraction limited performance for applications requiring superior image quality or focusing performance over a broad spectral range.


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