Lenses and optics

Parabolic optics

McPherson has introduced plane, spherical, toroidal and off-axis parabolic optics built to suit applications in the soft x-ray, extreme ultraviolet and deep UV

Focal-πShaper 9_HP

The Focal-πShaper 9_HP presents new refractive focusing beam shapers optimised to operate with modern high power ps and fs lasers

KTN vari-focal lens

At Optatec 2016, AMS technologies demonstrated how its high speed KTN vari-focal lens shifts the incoming light from a laser operating at two wavelengths

LG-960 eye-safe laser glass

Schott presented its new 'eye-safe' laser glass LG-960 at Optatec 2016. The laser glass is ideal for operation with 1.5 micron laser systems in range finding, LIDAR and medical applications

Risley Prism Mounts

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec Risley Prism Mounts, specifically designed to mount 25mm diameter wedge prism pairs, known as Risley prism pairs

Doe Tuner and Beam Expander

Holo/OR's diffractive optical elements are mainly used for high-power laser beam shaping and splitting. The specifications provided are only valid for one optical assembly


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