Lenses and optics

DOE Tuner

Holo/Or has designed a variable beam tuner for use with its DOEs. Placing the DOE Tuner between the DOE and the focussing lens enables image size control in most elements

On-axis parabolic mirrors

Optical Surfaces offers a complete manufacturing and test capability to produce on-axis parabolic mirrors up to 600mm (24-inches) in diameter

VCSELs and VCSEL arrays

Princeton Optronics has announced the start of high volume mass production of single emitters and small arrays for autofocusing in cameras for cell phones and tablets

Vacuum compatible reflective beam expanders

Optical Surfaces vacuum compatible reflective beam expanders are aspheric mirror-based devices offering either beam expansion or reduction capabilities. Incorporating high precision off-axis mirrors, they provide an unobstructed output and highly efficien

Line expansion for Techspec Variable Beam Expanders

Edmund Optics (EO) has released a line expansion for its Techspec Variable Beam Expanders. These versatile beam expanders offer continuous magnification for high power laser applications where magnification changes may be required, including prototyping o

Parabolic optics

McPherson has introduced plane, spherical, toroidal and off-axis parabolic optics built to suit applications in the soft x-ray, extreme ultraviolet and deep UV

Focal-πShaper 9_HP

The Focal-πShaper 9_HP presents new refractive focusing beam shapers optimised to operate with modern high power ps and fs lasers


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