Lenses and optics

Gold coated mirrors

For applications which do not require the high reflectivity of a dielectric coating, metal mirrors serve as an inexpensive solution that can be used for a wide wavelength range

Foturan II

Schott has announced the improved photo-sensitive glass Foturan II. This material is characterised by advanced photosensitivity and homogeneity

RM9-PD Radiometer

Ophir Photonics has introduced the RM9-PD Radiometer, a sensor for measuring the power of very low level CW or quasi CW sources

Scintinel Crystalline Stilbene

Inrad Optics has launched Scintinel branded stilbene scintillation crystals. These crystals include a product suite of off-the-shelf stilbene cylinders and custom shapes and sizes up to four inches

DL-Series of Delay Line Kits

Newport's DL-Series of Delay Line Kits provides scientists and researchers with all the necessary components to build a complete optical delay line

Techspec Fluorescence Bandpass Filter

Edmund Optics has introduced 18 new Techspec Fluorescence Bandpass Filters in six new wavelengths. These precision filters are perfectly matched to common fluorophores used in fluorescence imaging applications

Tip/tilt/piston devices

Mirrorcle Technologies (MTI), the California-based manufacturer of patented, gimbal-less micromirrors, has announced the commercial availability of tip/tilt/piston devices fully supported by a plug-and-play development kit


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