Ceramic phosphor converters

Schott has developed two inorganic ceramic phosphor materials that are temperature-stable, heat-conductive, and energy-efficient

ACM Coatings GmbH

Acktar is a world technology leader in the development, industrialization and production of black light absorbing coatings which deliver unique performance. This performance is not available elsewhere and is important in many applications.

These proprietary coatings are based on vacuum deposition technologies, are ecologically clean, and in many cases replace traditional processes which are sources of pollutants and toxic substances.

Solid ITO

Reynard Corporation, a leading global supplier of optical components and thin film coatings, has now made available custom optical heated windows that utilize conductive materials. Heated windows are the most cost effective way to keep imaging planes or

Laser Crystals

Edmund Optics has introduced new laser crystals. Nd:YAG laser crystals feature high optical homogeneity, high laser damage thresholds, processing accuracy and good stability


Deposition Sciences, manufacturer of thin film optical coatings, has announced an enhanced capability to apply highly specialised, durable coatings onto extremely complex shapes and multifaceted surfaces

CVD Diamond Material

Element Six has released a single crystal CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) diamond suitable for demanding optical applications.


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