Vision Engineering’s recently unveiled EVO Cam II digital microscope offers excellent image quality, intuitive operation and a host of new features over its predecessor

GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope

Designed for the observation and inspection of metal components, the Olympus GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope features an LED light source for long life and low power consumption

Suite Five

WITec, a manufacturer of Raman imaging and correlative microscopy systems, has started shipping its Suite Five data acquisition, evaluation and processing software


Olympus’ LEXT OLS5000 3D measuring laser microscope helps users reach a higher level of metrology


The FLIMbee galvo scanner add-on has been released for the MicroTime 200 time-resolved microscopy platform by PicoQuant

Wavelength Electronics, Inc.

Wavelength Electronics designs and manufactures robust laser diode drivers and temperature controllers for OEM and research. Our ultrastable, high precision components are used widely in a variety of optical applications.


Caliber ID has launched the RS-G4, a new class of modular confocal microscope that delivers high resolution and clean contrast while overcoming the limited scan areas expected of confocal microscopes

Multiphoton LaserMux beam combiners

Semrock, a division of IDEX Health & Science, has introduced its new Multiphoton LaserMUX beam combiners that enable deeper tissue imaging and improved contrast in multi-colour and multi-modal fluorescence microscopy

Cerna modular microscopy platform

Thorlabs introduced its new do-it-yourself modular microscopy platform, Cerna. Cerna users can easily combine Thorlabs' optomechanical platform with a choice of optical, electronic, motion control, and vision parts to construct an imaging system tailor


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